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This is a friends only journal. 


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I wonder, did you make it friends only because you started to write personal things?

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And the other thing I always forget to ask about it: Why icons do not show in your LJ? Is it just this kind of layout? :)

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Yup!'Cause know I know you and the others on my f-list better and I have no problem talking with you about me and my things but there are so many people I don't know you think it's wrong? 'cause you know I'm not very used to Lj and I don't know what it is better to do, so I open to advices^__^ hugs hugs

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I wanted to send you a message on my Miharu/Yukimi draft, but your message thing is disabled. I don't want to post it because I'm worried I didn't do what you wanted :s

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Oh sorry for that. It's that I stil haven't understood how to inable it xD btw I've added you ( thanks for friending me^^) so you can send it to me whenever you want^^
Hope to talk to you soon <3
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Hey, I just realised that you have me listed as a friend and I've never friended you back!! Do you mind if I friend you now? :3

Not that my private journal is very interesting, haha, but that's okay I suppose. P.S. you're welcome to write in Italian in comments, if you want - I promise I'll make the effort to understand them properly. ♥
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Of course I don't mind! I'm really happy for this! I thought maybe you weren't interested in friending me :3

Well the more interesting it is, the best^^
Oh thank you ^^ Then if u want to practice your knowledge of italian I'll comment in italian some times ♥

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S-scusa ti ho beccata sulla community LaviAllen e e e...sei italiana! E scrivi sulla coppia RabiAllen, la mia preferita *___* *sviene*

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*___* Whoah sono felicissima che mi hai beccato!^^ Ti aggiungo subito!

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Oh...perchè mi hai tolto dagli amici? ç_ç

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Oh scusa è che nn ti avevo sentito più e visto che pensavo di rendere questo journal friends only stavo facendo un po' di ordine. Se sei interessata ai miei lavori li puoi trovare qui [ profile] ca_teonatrain sennò ci conosciamo un po' meglio^^ Come vuoi <3

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I'm not actually friending right now, but I just had to say that I stumbled upon your profile and squeed when I read the poem xD I just feel really cool that I know it, heh.

Sorry for bothering you! *runs*

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Oh alright!^^ Eheh I'm glad you knew it :D
And you don't bother at all^___^

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You seem like a really cool person! Italy!!! ♥

At any rate, I've seen your work in the Death Note comms, and I really really like them!

Mind if I add you?

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Thank you ^______^
Oh I'm really pleased that you like them! <3
Of course I don't mind! I would be happy to have such a nice person like u as friend :)
I'll add you right away <3

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Hello! :-)


So...a fair amount of my f-list is friends with you, so I've seen you on their journals, and I've pretty much been stalking yours, lol, for the last few days, looking at your interests and things.

And, from what I can tell, you're extremely sweet and supportive, and I'd like to be friends. We even have a few things in common. :-)

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Hey hello! :)

*waves back*

Eheh yeah that's right, we have indeed quite a lot of friends in common ^^ And lol I'm honoured that you looked at my interests and things.^_____^

Oh thank you >//< I'm really happy that you think so! Yeah that's true that we have some things in common! Yay!

*goes to add you right away*


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Sorrysorry for commenting here, your messages are still friends only ~
Of course! I'd love to get to know you better ~
And fffffff the idea of writing something with you makes me so happy. You're, like, my favourite Glee writer. Evaarrrr.

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Ah don't be sorry dear! ^^ I'm sorry for that indeed but I've never learnt how to unable them :)
Ah I'm so glad for that! <3 I've just added you and wrote a welcome for you in my post for the day ^____^
Omg you make me blush like that! >///< And I totally adore how you write too! (I commented on your fic yesterday<3)
So super nice to meet you then! :)

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Hi! :D LJ wasn’t letting me message you, so I will just reply here instead that I would love to be friends and get to know each other better. :)

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Hi!! :D Oh sorry it's that I don't know how to make it possible for people to send messages before being friends with them XD Anyway yay! I'm really happy for that! :) Thanks for adding me, I've just added you back :3

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I have to write to you over here, because you've enabled the privacy options for your private messages. Anyway, I would love to beta for you. My email is


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Hi ^^

Sorry for that, just I don't know how to disenable it. Thank you so very much! I'll send you a PM with my email address right now^^


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'lo there! :D
I wanted to write for a while now, but I'm a really really shy person. >_<
I noticed we have quite a few things in common, including Death Note, Merlin and Loveless and you seem like a really nice person (also, I adore your fic, although I'm crap at commenting. D:), so uhm, do you mind if I friend you?

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Hi! :)
I totally understand you on the being shy part eheh Indeed I'm flattered that you want to be friends with me! We indeed have quite some likes in common and you seem a really nice person too! :) And well I'm really happy that you like my fics!
I see on your profile that actually the account is of two girls so well I don't know if you're talking just for yourself or for the both of you XD
Anyways I don't mind at all if you friend me, I'd be very happy instead :) I'm quite on a hiatus at the moment, being busy with some exams, but we can PM to each other in the meanwhile until I come back here on a more regular basis, if it's alright with you ^^

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Hello =)

Sorry for the random comment, but I tried to reply to the LJ message you just sent me and you have privacy options enabled which means you can't receive any LJ messages at all, and I didn't know how else to contact you.

Yes of course that's fine - if you feel unable to meet the deadline then it's totally okay for you to drop out, whether you're accepted for the other challenge or not.

Let me know either way, and good luck =)

M x

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Oh yeah sorry for that I don't know how to dis-enable that <.<

Thank you very much! Then I'm afraid I'll have to drop out...You were all very kind so thank you! I'll definitely try again with the BB next year.

Thank you :)

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So a few months ago that I stumbled to your Death Note fics, which I loved so very very much. And recently I read some of your Nabari no Ou fics (which are lovely I may add) and I want to read some more, but your journal is f-locked so I ended up here >.<

You write awesome stories for fandoms that I go crazy for and I think we could be great friends! *shot* Though I don't really comment much because I get nervous on commenting...

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Oh hi! :) I'm so glad that you like them! Oh yeah that's a problem that I had because I created the community only a long time after that I started writing fics.

Aww thank you! :) I'll add you right away! And don't worry about commenting eheh

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Hi! *waves hopefully* I was wondering if I might be okay to friend you? I don't know if you know anyone on my f-list, and I have commented on some of your writing a few times. You seem a really nice person (plus, you're a exquisite writer, which always helps XD) so I'd let to try and get to know you better, if you don't mind?
- xx

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Hi! :) Oh I'd love that! I remember how your comments always made me smile :) And yup I also know [ profile] tierfal :3
Thanks! You really make me blush! >//<

I'd be really happy if we get to know each other better! Iprobably won't update my journal often this period but I'll definitely read your updates and we can get to know each other also via P :) I'll add you right away :)

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